Gordon Fry's Projects

cabinet - left side cabinet - right side
Gordon Fry
High Chair. July 2012

Gordon Fry
Two Lidded Boxes. May 2011
Gordon Fry
A Jewelry Box with tablesaw shaped coved sides. Dec 2009

Gordon FryGordon Fry
A small table and cutting boards donated to the Woodshop Craft Sale. Nov. 2008

Gordon Fry is Chairman of the Flag Case Project and is showing a new Flag Case. These Flag Cases continue to be an important part of the Diablo Woodworkers activities in support of the Fire and Police families. Oct. 2008.
Gordon Fry
An Embroidery stand that he built and designed. July 2008.

July 2008 A tall set of Drawers that he built and designed.
March 2008 A tool box made in Tim Killen's class.
Dec. 2007 Photos of a BBQ table he built for a son.
Nov. 2007 A blanket chest.
July 2007 A cookbook holder.
July 2007
July 2007
July 2007
A collection of unique "yardsale" boxes. A birdhouse, tall box and an outhouse shaped box.
March 2007 Table class project.
Dec. 2006 Three jewelry boxes with silver maple, jacoba, and Myrtle.
Dec. 2005 Jewelry Box.
Nov. 2005 Photos of the various stages while building Gordon's new shop.
Oct. 2005 An elegant memorial flag case made from the Concord Valley Oak.
July 2005 Just thought you might like to see Gordon's shop after 2 days of work. Several members helped put up the prefab walls and trusses. Another couple of days of 100" weather should help to finish the job. Actually it was pretty comfortable in Gordon's back yard. Especially at lunch when his wife prepared a great BBQ chicken and fixins lunch.
June 2005 MDF is good to! The prototype clock became a treasure with some white paint and clock face.
Dec. 2004 A table napkin holder.
May 2004 A picture of a bed he made for his daughter from plans in Woodsmith. He found a new way to make mortises by routing the grove in two facing boards and then gluing them together.
March 2004 A mailbox for the front of his house.
Dec. 2003 A Tenoning Jig.