Heather Stewart's Projects

Heather Stewart
Bedroom Cabinet Door Panels and a Model of the Bedroom Set. July 2012.

Heather Stewart
A lovely Cabinet. June 2012

Heather Stewart
Some real Cork Boards. Feb. 2012

Heather Stewart
A cane I carved for a dear friend's Christmas present. The handle is made of Ebony Sapwood and the length of it came from a friend's farm in Tennessee. Dec. 2011

Heather Stewart
A Pink Ivory piece of wood with the jewelery that a friend of mine made for me. It is so beautiful and most people who see it think it is some sort of stone, not wood. Dec. 2011
Heather Stewart
Krenov style planes and adjusting hammers. One set is made of Bocote and the other of Macassar Ebony. Dec. 2011

Heather Stewart
Some homemade planes and mallets. Oct. 2011
Heather Stewart
Wenge and walnut coat rack. July 2011

Heather Stewart
2 Beautiful Bowls. April 2011
Heather Stewart
Stairs for a Hot Tub. Jan 2011.
Heather Stewart
A new Deck. Jan 2011.

Heather Steward
Hand carved kitchen utensils. The wood is Italian Olive and they are finished with cutting board oil. Nov 2010.
Heather Steward
This photo is of the mock up for the project I am making in the Master Woodworking class with Brian Condran. The knowledge we gain from this wonderful class has given me the courage to attempt this (for me) major project. The wood is Peruvian Walnut with figured maple as the light colored wood. Nov 2010.

Heather Steward
An "ode to a squirre". July 2010.
Heather Steward
A silverware drawer insert that I made for a friend. The wood is Peruvian Walnut with a Carpathian Elm burl bottom veneer. It is build using mortise and tenon joinery and finished with "The Good Stuff:". Nov 2010.

Oct. 2009 A sign a friend carved for me for my shop.
Oct. 2009 A kitchen of vertical grain fir.
Oct. 2009 Bathroom cabinet built of alder with carvings on the faces of the raised panel doors.
Oct. 2009 Birdseye Maple Book Case.
Oct. 2009 Cochen Rosewood Changing Table.
Oct. 2009 Two Curly Cherry Dressers.
Oct. 2009 Two Curly Cherry Dressers (above & below), all solid dovetailed drawers.
June 2009 A photo of some child's furniture.
Dec. 2008 Tic Tac Toe Game.
Nov. 2008 A large rocking horse for Madalyn.
Nov. 2008 Madalyn is helping to paint the duck pull toys.
Nov. 2008 All the little duck pull toys lined up in a row.
Nov. 2008 Football camp trophy swords.
Nov. 2008 Macassar Ebony cane for injured football player.
Feb. 2008 A turned vase for dried flowers.
Dec. 2007 A very formal cane with a glass door knob top.
Oct. 2007 A quilt rack with several of her homemade quilts.
Feb. 2007 A portable desk.
Jan. 2007 Photo of a rocking horse.
Feb. 2006 Photos of turning projects.
Nov. 2004 Heather hand carved a friends wood bowl.
Nov. 2004 Photos of a fireplace mantle.