Kirby Elvin's Projects
Kirby Elvin

Kirby Elvin
Cherry and Durly Eucalyptus Jewelry Box.March 2014.

Kirby Elvin
Monkeypod and Hemlock Jewelry Box. Feb. 2014.

Kirby Elvin
Peruvian Walnut and Bamboo Raffle Tub. Jan 2014

Kirby Elvin
Birdseye Maple, Birch Bark and Roadkill Jewelry Box. Dec. 2013

Kirby Elvin
Mahogany and Birch Boxes. Oct. 2013

Kirby Elvin
Impressive Chess Pieces. April 2013.

Kirby Elvin
a polyhedron birdhouse. Oct. 2012.

Kirby Elvin
Canary Wood Fly Rod Case. July 2012.

Kirby Elvin
Fishing Lanyards. June 2012.
Kirby Elvin
Fly Rod Case. May 2012.
Kirby Elvin
Some cool bent wood and laminated Fishing Nets. Jan. 2012

Kirby Elvin
A very Creative Drawer Box. Nov. 2011.
Kirby Elvin
Set of Drawers. Sept. 2011

Kirby Elvin
Kirby ElvinAnother creative Cabinetry.
June 2011.
Kirby Elvin
Mystery Box of Drawers and Doors. May 2011

Kirby Elvin
A clever Jewelry Box. March 2011
Kirby Elvin
A very complex drawer box. Dec. 2010

Kirby Elvin
Kirby's most recent puzzle collection. Nov. 2010
Kirby Elvin
Small chest of plastic drawers. He also donated lots of these drawers for members. Oct. 2010.
Kirby Elvin
Kirby's most recent puzzle collection. Oct. 2010
Kirby Elvin
Some of his really unusual but beautiful Boxes. May 2010.
Kirby Elvin
More of his really unusual but beautiful Boxes. May 2010.
Kirby Elvin
A bunch of Wooden Boxes made for the Toy Project.
April 2010.
Kirby Elvin
A couple of his creative projects, an Oval Fly Rod Case (right) and a Lidded Box using Altoid Metal Boxes as liners (above).
Kirby Elvin
March 2010.

Feb. 2010 A box type URN.
Jan. 2010 Some Lidded Boxes.
Oct. 2009 Kirby's latest puzzle.
June 2009 A Bamboo Fishing Rod Case, that is, the case is made from Bamboo.
Feb. 2009 A beautiful fly rod handle and a fly rod wrapping device holding his homemade fly rod.
Feb. 2009 A close-up of fly rod handle. Feb. 2009. What is the handle made of, Kirby?
Dec. 2008 A Wooden Stave Constructed Fly Rod Case.
Sept. 2008 2 segmented Fly Rod Cases.
March 2008 A couple of wooden puzzles.
Feb. 2008 A beautiful flyfishing tackle box.
Feb. 2008 A weird walking stick.
Nov. 2007 His second fly tying box.
Oct. 2007 Duel purpose fly tying kit or shoe shine box.
July 2007 Diamond Willow walking sticks.
July 2007 A box puzzle.
July 2007 A box puzzle made with a variety of beautiful hardwoods.
May 2007 A combination puzzle.
April 2007 Complex bird houses and a flute that really works.
March 2007 Some more of Kirby's wonderful scrollsaw work, this time, of squirrels and oak leafs.
Dec. 2006 Puzzles and Butterflies.
Nov. 2006 Some more multi-wood cutting boards.
Oct. 2006 An assortment of puzzles and boxes.
Oct. 2006 Some mixed wood cutting boards.
June 2006 No, Kirby Elvin is not a Bug-ologist. Just expanding his talents with a whole bunch of scrollsawed and inlaid wooden insects.
May 2006 Kirby Elvin showed his creative work in beautiful puzzles.
April 2006 More new scrollsawed projects.
Feb. 2006 More Intarsia projects.
Jan. 2006 Three darling Intarsia projects.
Dec. 2005 Another view of 18 Wheeler Toy Truck with the Familiar Mudflap Girl.
Dec. 2005 18 Wheeler Toy Truck with the Familiar Mudflap Girl.
Sept. 2005 A beautiful walnut jewelry box. Other accents are silver maple, carob, and homemade antiqued hardware.
June 2005 A couple of beautiful sister boxes of his unique design.
May 2005 Another of his art deco design boxes.
April 2005 Another creative box.
March 2005 Kirby continues his venture into the world of art deco boxes with a wonderful and colorful combination of woods.
Jan. 2005 Offset stacked boxes with continuous scrolling line that flows inside and out and made with tanoak.
Dec. 2004 Another of his far out creations. They keep his granddaughter interested though.
Nov. 2004 Another interesting box obviously influenced by his new granddaughter.
July 2004 A driftwood tray with river rocks glued into the voids. Also showed two very unique boxes.
June 2004 Another backgammon board within a case.
April 2004 Kirby spent the week making pens and more pens!
Feb. 2004 Intriguing puzzles for his grand daughter.